Lynette Diaz

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Lynette Diaz is an American/New Zealand Singer-Songwriter with a voice and style that evokes flashes of female folk singers of the 60’s. while writing contemporary themes of Universal love and dignity.

The single, 'Angel' is a collaborative inspiration by New Zealand songwriters, Lynette Diaz and the late, Pete Love.

"Angel is a song that speaks from the heart of despair. It's a lamentation for help from within and beyond oneself. It's a call to the Divine. Pete Love wrote the bones of 'Angel' and played it during one of our practice sessions. We continued to work on the song that evening, including washing out some of the overly long instrumental breaks (Pete being notorious for long lead guitarist breaks) and simplifying the structure. It was a song that spoke to us deeply, and we played it at each gig." (Lynette)

In January 2012, Lynette and Pete went into studio and laid the guitar and their main vocal parts down for 'Angel'. In a bit of coincidence, recording the song at Angels Gate Studio. Irish-born/New Zealand-based singer-songwriter, Diana Hickey, was brought in as another voice in the Angel choir. "Our intention was to finish the song soon after the initial session, but Pete also began work on his solo debut Cd and was busy recording some of those songs in the proceeding months. I was also working on some solo projects and so a few months ticked by." (Lynette)

Pete passed away after a brief sudden illness in June 2012 at the age of 45. This very soulful, enigmatic, kind-hearted, gregarious man left his mark on the Christchurch community, and it was not only fitting but absolute that this song be completed.

For the final recording session, Christchurch-based cellist, Nicole Reddington, was integral in providing the hauntingly sublime final "voice" in the song's choir. Mixing and mastering of the single was completed by Kevin Allison at Angels Gate.

This song is dedicated to our Angel, Pete Love.

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