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sunrise beckons the dreamer
to remember the soft earth
that woke in perfect step
with an inhalation
an exhalation

- jld (9 Sep 2020)

low tide ripples.. 
                             distance created.. 
winter illumination.. 

-jld (29 may 2020)


we get what we need..  
when we need..  
just gotta let life unfold...  
and it unfolds in ways we may or may not imagine..  
unfolds in ways that are mysterious and knowing..  
unfurls itself like a banner..  
and just as quickly moves in the wind..  
changing form..  
yet, on closer inspection..  

- jld (20 aug 2010)


Eucalyptus and Me (15 may 2020)

Eucalyptus and Me (15 may 2020)


I am a gospel song and the hard rock.. 
the silk pajamas and the gravel road.. 
the swaying branch and the stiff upper lip.. 
the cup runneth over and the dry humour.. 
the little lamb and the towering inferno.. 
the first kiss and the final straw.. 
the open door and the small space.. 
the feathered friend and the cocksure punch.. 
the flight of fancy and the fork in the road.. 
the perfect storm and the sea of love.. 
- jld (2016)



between a rock 
and a hard place 
there is a softness 
a capsular layer 
a bed of invisibility 
a breath to cushion 
for nutrient veins 
to circumnavigate 
the implausible 
to heal 
the unexplainable 
-jld (24 apr 2020)

Bare with me, as I dream.. 

as I dare dream of the moment.. 

when our tender hearts.. 

the world over.. 

palpitate infinitely of compassion.. 

when our respiring lungs.. 

the world over.. 

bellow songs of joy.. 

when arms of shared experience.. 

the world over.. 

wrap each other in the warmest of hugs.. 

- jld (28 mar 2020)

love and shadow


infinite form

peace in turmoil

fire and gold

coastlines at dawn

do you know your worth?


brilliant possibilities

birds and rocks and things

we are the miracle here

ascend,expand, transform

we get there in the end