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  1. Sing (Your Song)

The photo is a Cormorant (Shag) that swam up to me while I was sitting alone on the Wellington Harbour waterfront. The Cormorant represents both light and dark, and the ability to both sink and swim, then to patiently await the opportunity to fly again when its feathers dry.
Lyrics/Music/Engineering/Sound: Lynette Diaz (May 2018)


Sing (Your Song) - 2018
Do you ever sing?
Have you found your voice again?
You never sang for me
Voice still frail from tragedy
So stoic in attitude
When I finally heard from you
Could read other voices in your ear
Was it strength or was it fear?
Well, just sing, just sing
Maybe in Winter, Maybe in Spring
Just sing, just sing,
Your voice, Your song
Your rights, Your wrongs
Just sing, Just sing
Just sing, Your Song