The Creative Spear

The Creative Spear Podcast

Selected Episodes (2018-2019)

The Creative Spear is a project that began during my broadcast studies. The first episode arc (1-4) focused on a circle of musical friends and how the kindness towards one another has fueled community and connection. Episodes in 2019 (5-10) were mainly a personal creative journey during a transitional period finishing up broadcasting studies. Future episodes coming in 2020 will include more guests but continue to weave the threads of kindness, community and connection into the narrative of our creative collective lives.

Selected Episode links below (All episodes also available on Soundcloud/Tunein and Stitcher::

The Creative Spear - Episode 3 - Love By Nature (Guest: Diana Hickey, 2018)

The Creative Spear - Episode 5 - Vulnerability (2019)

The Creative Spear - Episode 6 - Whanua (A Daughter's Tale -2019)

The Creative Spear - Episode 7 - Falling (2019)