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The Creative Spear (Podcast)

The Creative Spear


The Creative Spear is a podcast project that began as part of my studies in radio broadcasting. The initial four episodes of The Creative Spear podcast were published from 22 Aug-12 Sep 2018. The episodes delve into how a 'Circle of Friends' impact experiences, and how the threads of kindness always seem to pull us through. Each episode features a distinct friend and all share music, community and commonality with the others.

And...The Creative Spear will continue on without grading boundaries!...further episodes with a different story arc will be arriving in mid-October 2018.

 The podcast is now available on various podcatchers, but you can always find and listen on this blog link.


The Creative Spear Podcast Episode 4 - Saints and Songwriters - In the fourth of four podcasts in this episode arc, Lynette Diaz, a Singer-Songwriter and Broadcaster in New Zealand, talks with Fingerstyle Guitarist/Singer-Songwriter, Graham Wardrop. We talk about Saintly muses and inspiration, collaborations and friendship.

Episode 4 Credits: Public Domain permissions: NASA soundbites

Music Copyright Permissions Granted For the Following Songs:

Saint Cecilia - Graham Wardrop

Speed of Love - Graham Wardrop

Me For You, You For Me - Lynette Diaz (G. Wardrop on Guitar)

Circle Of Friends - P. Heveldt

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