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The Creative Spear (Podcast)

A Different Musical Perspective (Coast Access Radio 104.7)

This is the link for a 30 minute show that I produced for Coast Access Radio 104.7 that first aired on 20 December 2018. My segment is entitled, "A Different Musical Perspective". 




The Creative Spear


The Creative Spear is a podcast project that began as part of my studies in radio broadcasting. The initial four episodes of The Creative Spear podcast were published from 22 Aug-12 Sep 2018. The episodes delve into how a 'Circle of Friends' impact experiences, and how the threads of kindness always seem to pull us through. Each episode features a distinct friend and all share music, community and commonality with the others.

And...The Creative Spear will continue on without grading boundaries!...further episodes with a different story arc will be arriving in early 2019.

 The podcast is now available on various podcatchers, but you can always find and listen on this blog link.


The Creative Spear Podcast Episode 4 - Saints and Songwriters - In the fourth of four podcasts in this episode arc, Lynette Diaz, a Singer-Songwriter and Broadcaster in New Zealand, talks with Fingerstyle Guitarist/Singer-Songwriter, Graham Wardrop. We talk about Saintly muses and inspiration, collaborations and friendship.

Episode 4 Credits: Public Domain permissions: NASA soundbites

Music Copyright Permissions Granted For the Following Songs:

Saint Cecilia - Graham Wardrop

Speed of Love - Graham Wardrop

Me For You, You For Me - Lynette Diaz (G. Wardrop on Guitar)

Circle Of Friends - P. Heveldt

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