We Are So Much More

Lynette Diaz
Lynette Diaz


We Are So Much More

Music/lyrics/vocal/guitar: Lynette Diaz, 2017


Grateful's what I am

Grafeful's what I've been

For all that was, for all that is, for all will come to pass

There is no other way to get me through the day

To hope, to dream, to pray

Believe there is a way, believe there is a way


I don't agree with hate, or everything is fate

Or karma is a spiteful bitch, or being smart's what makes you rich

'Cause where there's dark there's light

And someone's wrong is right

Judgement's something that we made, to help us sleep at night

But fear don't make it right, fear's our biggest fight


Find someone to hold, 'cause people are like gold

Lovers, dreams and families, friends and our communities

We are not machines, or the Earth's disease

We are boundless energy, trying to break free

Trying to break free


Grateful's what I am

Grrateful's what I've been

For all that was, for all that is, for all will come to pass

Hold on to the thought, that what we are is not

'Cause we are so much more, yeah we are so much more

We are so much more


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