Rhythm Of The Road (Garage demo)

Lynette Diaz
Lynette Diaz


Playing around with Garageband. Original tune with all bits performed by me on a song that may or may not have a 'proper' recording one day.


Rhythm of The Road (Lynette Diaz)

Some say you're a mystery,

I see you, I see you, yeah, as poetry;

You see beauty in little things

And acknowledge, what the day, the day it brings

The day it brings.


You ain't lived, ain't lived no perfect life

Oh, you've been through hell, through hell

You've seen some strife

And for all, for all you've had to face

You have also seen amazing grace,

Amazing Grace.


There's a rhythm of the road

A song and dance when times get low

A happy face when you're feeling blue

It always seems to get, to get, to get you through;

It always seems to get, to get, to get you through;

To get you through.


You got a lot of future plans

Always busy, busy, always in demand;

Heart is breaking over freedom's cause

And finding harmony in divine law, in divine law.


The music constant in your ear

It heals and soothes and casts out fear

And freedom for is freedom true

The dream the dream that lives inside of you;

The dream the dream the dream that lives inside of you.


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