Lynette Diaz

Perfectly Alright -The 82A Sunday Session

Lynette Diaz acoustic guitar vocal lyrics composition, Han Peng fretless bass, Cameron Zachreson Sax, Benni Seidel audio
Lynette Diaz


I couldn't sleep this evening and put my music playlist on random. This track rotated in and was recorded as part of an informal jam session, called the 82A Sunday Session, which was run by the late great, Benni Seidel. In September 2016, was heading to Sydney, Australia on holiday and to attend an exhibit, so in my hunt for open mic/jam sessions happened upon Benni's sessions. Turns out Benni was a kinda' institution in the creative community. He'd traveled around the world working in theatre/production and music, amongst other talents. The 82A Sunday sessions were invite events, and he graciously opened the doors of his magical space to me for the day.  He decided, unexpectedly, upon meeting me that one of my original's called, Perfectly Alright, would be a bit of a project for the session. I think my nerves are pretty apparent in the vocal track, as I was excited and a bit unprepared for the attention. What a growth experience it was! The fellow musicians who participated were quite gracious and lovely, including Cameron Zacherson (saxophone), Han Peng (fretless bass) and Mr. Benni Seidel (Audio Capture/Production). This track is the result.

Benni passed away late last year and while he was dealing with his illness still kept the sessions running almost to the end of his days. What a gift of a human being he was, and I'm grateful for his kindness and friendship in the brief time we knew each other.

The original link for the session, plus quite a few more 82A Sunday Session recordings going back to 2012 can be found here: