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Perfect Light (2012 Demo)

Lynette Diaz
Lynette Diaz


Another simple and short song. Believe in your natural unabashed light!! This demo was recorded, as the song was freshly written, in 2012. There's a moment when I laugh, and it's basically because I had gotten through the song without any major flubs :-)


Perfect LightTwo steps forward

And one step back

Eventually you get

Down the track

Running's faster

just like the hare

But walking tortoise-style

Still gets you there


Stop to see the sunrise

Flowers in the field

Deep breaths that cleanse you inside

A pace that slowly yields,

A pace that slowly yields


In truth is harmony

Compassion fills the air

Heart and Mind they make

Such a perfect pair

Such a perfect pair


So fill your cup with joy

And watch it multiply

Your fountain overflows

You'll know exactly why

You'll know exactly why


So this song is short

Its message very bright

You're a perfect being

You're a perfect light

You're a perfect light.....