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Have A Little Lovefest (With Me) - Demo

Lynette Diaz
Lynette Diaz


The song title had its origins in a nap on the couch with my sweet dog..yup..I had woken from a nap and reached over to give my dog a pat when one of my children walked into the room and asked, "Hi, what are you doing?" To which, I replied, "Having a little Lovefest." The drowsiness fully worn off and the light bulb moment of a great song hook was not lost to me. Brain now fully engaged, the songwriter in me grabbed the closest pen and paper, picked up guitar and the rest of the song was written pretty quickly.

Besides the opening line, the song represents a lot of the ideals and romantic notions I carry in love. That it's perfectly alright and natural to be a whole "One", but that "Two", when nurtured and whole is wonderful, profound and an aspiration, for sure.