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Everyday Song (2018 Demo)

Lynette Diaz
Lynette Diaz


I recorded this original song with my Manuka Hunnies bandmate, Susan L. Grant, playing fingerstyle guitar. We've actually not performed it together since the recording, but I started performing it again a few years ago with a bit punchier vibe, as it was how I'd always envisioned it and performed it previously. The main lyrics were the first I'd ever written, though the song didn't have the chorus yet. The verses were conceived about ten years before I even started playing guitar. I could hear it as a bit of a rocker tune in my head, akin to someone like Sheryl Crow singing. Reckon this song needs a killer bass line, some electric lead and drums to make it complete. When I was learning guitar, I picked up an old notebook one day and the sheet of paper with the lyrics fell out. I had titled it, "Everyday Song". I wrote the chorus and the music to it in that sitting.