Lynette Diaz

The New Mexico Demo Sessions (2007)

by Lynette Diaz

Recorded in 2007 in a home studio session in New Mexico. Re-discovered on an old hard drive..very special early demo recordings in all their raw emotional beauty.
The songs in this mid-2007 recording session (four in total) were all in their infancy and were as raw and tender as my psyche at the time. So on the last day of this rare and special trip home, a family friend said he'd be keen to record a few of my tunes. We ended up recording in a late night home studio session that went into the morning, up until I had to catch my flight out.

Bringing a few of these demos out again. My reminder of the kindness, understanding and love my family provided me in rough times. These first songs were stepping stones towards a different life, one lived authentically!