Lynette Diaz

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Spiritual)

by L Diaz

Traditional Spiritual song, recorded a few years ago when first learning fingerstyle guitar. The tempo is quicker than traditional, but reflects my hopeful nature that our journey is more a dance than a solemn march.
Today is one of those marker dates in my life, 22nd February. So many significant events have happened on this day, in various years, that it serves as a check-in to the deep wells of my being. Movement seems to be a theme..major relocations, earthquakes, funerals, waterway memorial reminders.

A poem I wrote a few weeks after the 22nd February 2011 Canterbury Earthquake:
"Here in the eye of the stormy rattle
in the distant groan of the mountain rumble
sits a woman worn and torn with sadness
but only an instant as strength is re-handed

Can city rebirth into something sustaining
allowing much healing for all here remaining
and for those who have gone
withered, fleeing or perished
may they know or have known
how much they are cherished"
-LDiaz (9 Mar,2011)

A passage I'd written in 2016 came up on my FB memories feed today (See below this paragraph). And, yet a year later in 2017, my Father would be buried on this day and the lessons of forgiveness and of healing old wounds became a prominent theme this past year. I keep hearing the words..fluidity and grace..fluidity and grace. In 2018, I see a spiral of love, a desire to dance more, to laugh more, to sing more and a must to embrace fully all which shines magnificence in my world, to cherish these gifts, for they are gifts indeed.

"I understand how one cannot truly "stand on solid ground" or "have a firm foundation". To survive and thrive is learning to "rock and roll' and build a life around fluidity over rigidity, growth over stagnancy and more than anything showing kindness and patience with yourself and sharing any extra kindness and patience, you can muster, with others. Kia Kaha!" (2016)

Photo: This is a "Cantada" (prayer song) called "Bendito Sea Dios", which my Grandmother had typed and kept with her and would recite until her passing. My Mother showed me this lovingly kept paper when I was visiting my family home in 2015. I took this photo as a reminder of my Grandmother's strength and faith, a beautiful light, though she often had to travel difficult roads.