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Papa Minds The Baby - A Lullaby

by Lynette Diaz

Released 09/21/2018
Released 09/21/2018
As part of the New Zealand 125 year Women's Suffrage events, this was my entry for a national song competition, based on a poem by Thomas Bracken. He wrote the poem in 1892 as a piss-take inferring a woman couldn't run the country with baby. How wrong he was!
Music/Compostion - Lynette Diaz
Words by Thomas Bracken (A bit of a misogynist NZ Poet/Politican, who also happened to write the anthem, "God Defend New Zealand". The words have been turned on their head, as we currently have our third woman Prime Minster, Jacinda Ardern, and her partner, Clarke Gayford, is a stay-at-home father, "minding the baby"! This is a lullaby for equality in all its forms and for little Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford!